Luitpoldhütte GmbH
Sulzbacher Str. 121
92224 Amberg

Tel. +49 (0)9621 / 640-0
Fax +49 (0)9621 / 673 221

Expertise and efficient use of technology

Producing quality is a question of expertise, attitude and the corresponding production facilities. Ongoing improvements and investment in technical plant equipment help us to achieve our goals:

  • to produce absolute quality
  • to have the most satisfied customers
  • to manufacture the best products at the best price
  • to create new jobs and guarantee old jobs
  • to work together with the most reliable suppliers

Profile of output and services

moulding capacity

160,000 complete mouldings per year


EN-GJL200 to EN-GJL300  
EN-GJS450 to EN-GJS600                                                          
CGI (400 to 450)

melting plant

1 cupola,
2 mains frequency furnaces,
1 holding channel-type furnace 

moulding box size

1555 x 1155 x 450/500 mm;
61.2" x 45.5" x 17.7"/19.69"

unit weights

100 - 1000 kg

additional benefits

Pro-Engineering, Magma Soft, pattern-making

our services

Technical support for cost-effective and production-optimized designs during the development phase and for ongoing series; logistics' optimization with our customers


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