Luitpoldhütte GmbH
Sulzbacher Str. 121
92224 Amberg

Tel. +49 (0)9621 / 640-0
Fax +49 (0)9621 / 673 221

Our philosophy
Producing castings is our business.

As a result of our creativity, efficiency and our 100% reliability, we aim to be that very special foundry that customers will enjoy working with, whereby quality is what comes first and foremost for us. Quality is something that we see holistically, meaning that for us it is the result of the effective interaction of all factors involved. At the centre of all these factors there is the human being.

Wertorientiertes Management

Our Triangle of Success illustrates this point very well: the human being is in the middle. It is the people at Luitpoldhütte who connect the strategic, operational and communicative levels with each other and fill them with life. In this way, the corporate culture of Luitpoldhütte creates a breeding ground in which visions, strategies and vital processes of change can grow and develop. This can only be achieved, however, if there is comprehensive information, constant communication and the will to create values and to explore new avenues.

At LH we are well aware of our responsibility towards the environment, which is why environmental protection has also been extensively embedded in our management system. In our quality, environmental and energy policy we have set up guidelines to enable us to improve our environmental performance.


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